Setting Sail in Style: Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Cost Comparison

Welcome aboard!‍ If you are⁢ planning a visit to Dubai, ⁣one of ⁣the most exquisite ways to explore the breathtaking skyline and coastal⁤ beauty is‍ through a dhow cruise in the‍ Dubai Marina. A dhow ‌cruise ⁤offers a luxurious and picturesque experience that will leave you in awe. However,‌ with numerous options available, ​it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect cruise‍ that suits your budget and​ preferences. Allow us to guide you⁣ through ​a cost comparison of the⁤ top dhow ‍cruises in Dubai Marina, so you can set⁢ sail in⁤ style without burning ‌a hole in your pocket!

Dinner Cruise Prices

1. ⁤XYZ Dhow Cruises: Starting at $50 ⁣per person, XYZ Dhow Cruises offers an affordable yet enjoyable dinner cruise experience. Savor a ⁣delectable buffet spread while you cruise through the Dubai Marina, enjoying the stunning ⁣views⁢ of the city’s modern ⁣architecture.

2. ABC Cruises: With‌ prices starting at $75 per person, ABC Cruises⁢ adds a touch of luxury to your dining experience.​ Indulge in ⁢a scrumptious international buffet accompanied by live entertainment as you glide through the stunning ⁣Dubai‌ Marina.

3. JKL Dinner Cruises: For a bit of extravagance, JKL ⁣Dinner Cruises offers an upscale ⁤experience starting at $100 per person. Enjoy a lavish buffet of international cuisine,⁢ along with premium live entertainment and a ‌mesmerizing ⁤tanoura dance performance.

Sightseeing Cruise ‍Prices

1.‍ XYZ Dhow Cruises: Starting at $40 per⁤ person, XYZ Dhow Cruises offers⁢ an affordable sightseeing option for those on a budget. Sail through the Dubai Marina while taking in the majestic views of the ⁢city’s landmarks and iconic structures.

2. ABC Cruises: Enhancing your sightseeing experience, ABC Cruises starts at $60 per person, offering a guided tour showcasing Dubai Marina’s incredible architecture and landmarks. Sit back, relax, and soak in‌ the⁣ panoramic‍ vistas as you‌ sail ⁤in style.

3. JKL Sightseeing Cruises: Starting at $85 ⁢per person, JKL ‍Sightseeing Cruises​ presents a luxurious option with additional perks. Along with a guided tour of the ‌Dubai Marina, enjoy⁣ light refreshments and a selection of delectable canapés.

Sunset Cruise Prices

1. XYZ Dhow Cruises: Spark​ romance⁢ or indulge in a serene experience⁤ onboard a XYZ Dhow Cruise sunset tour. Prices start⁤ at $60 per‌ person, offering breathtaking views of ‍the Dubai Marina‍ drenched in golden hues as the sun sets⁢ over the horizon.

2. ABC Cruises:⁢ For‌ a touch of elegance and⁢ charm, ABC Cruises offers a​ sunset cruise starting at $85 per person. Revel in the mesmerizing ambiance, sip ‍on welcome drinks, and ‍savor delicious⁤ snacks as you witness the ⁤magical sunset over Dubai ​Marina’s enchanting skyline.

3. JKL Sunset Cruises: Be prepared to be amazed by the beauty ⁤of Dubai Marina’s ⁤skyline during sunset. JKL Sunset Cruises⁢ start at $120 per person, providing you with⁤ an unforgettable experience⁢ accompanied by an extensive ⁤international buffet​ and live ‍entertainment.


Embarking on ⁤a dhow‍ cruise​ in Dubai⁣ Marina is not ​only an excellent way to discover ‌the ⁣city’s architectural‍ marvels but also an opportunity to create⁢ lasting memories. By comparing the cost and⁣ offerings‍ of three prominent dhow cruise‌ providers in Dubai Marina – XYZ Dhow Cruises, ABC Cruises, and JKL Cruises -⁤ you can make ‌an informed decision ​that aligns with your desired level of luxury ⁣and budget. So, set ⁢sail in⁢ style and immerse yourself in the‌ charm and beauty of Dubai Marina without compromising⁤ on your preferences!

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